The Discovery Flight


Aspire Aviation’s Discovery Flights offer the opportunity to pilot an aircraft over Long Island and New York.

Choose from a one-hour flight for one person, or share the experience with a two-hour flight for two.

All flights include ground instruction, taxi takeoff, flying, landing, debriefing, premium headset use, scenic views, and a souvenir bag, with prices starting from $180.

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Experience the unparalleled thrill of piloting an aircraft with Aspire Aviation’s Discovery Flights over Long Island and New York. Our Discovery Flights offer a unique, hands-on aviation experience for individuals or pairs.

Our flight packages include ground time for pre-flight preparations, use of premium headsets, and the opportunity to control the aircraft during the flight.

Whether flying solo or sharing the experience with a companion, you’ll be treated to breathtaking, panoramic views of Long Island.  Each adventure concludes with a souvenir bag, a small memento of your unforgettable journey into the sky.


  1. One Person, One Hour Flight
    • Immerse yourself in the beauty of Long Island and New York with our one-hour Discovery Flight for just $180. This flight package includes ground time, a premium headset for use during the flight, and the thrilling opportunity to be in control of the aircraft. You’ll be left speechless as you fly over the scenic vistas of Long Island. We’ll also provide you with a souvenir bag to remember this unforgettable experience.
  1. Two People, Two Hour Flight
    • Elevate your experience with our two-hour Discovery Flight for two people. At $330, you and a companion will have ground time and the opportunity to switch control of the aircraft at the halfway point. Both of you will enjoy the use of premium headsets and the thrill of flying the plane. Soak in the panoramic views of Long Island and New York, and end your flight with a souvenir bag to commemorate your journey.

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Flight Configuration

1 Pilot for 1 Hour, 2 Pilots for 2 Hours